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Left Coast

Left Coast Gummy Co is a leading cannabis multi-province operator, focusing on customer experience, product innovation, and organic brand building. Left Coast is the market leader in high potency products across multiple product categories.

Unfortunately, the majority of cannabis edibles are manufactured without the usefulness of nanotechnology. Some even going as far as to avoid infusing THC extract into the edible itself. Spraying products with THC extract creates a poor reputation for the entire industry.

Here at Left Coast we take a lot of pride in our products and our work. We aim to produce the most effective experience using nano-emulsion technology. Since the start, the driving force behind our company was to create a product with accurate and effective dosing. In doing so, we have had the opportunity to help those who really need and appreciate it.



Supported by proven study, researchers discovered that absorption of THC from traditional edibles can be as low as 6%. With that being said, from a 25mg THC edible, a consumer will only feel the effects of about 1.5 mg of THC.

Moreover, researchers investigated the absorption rate of cannabinoids after the process of nano-emulsion. The same figure of 25 mg was absorbed at a rate of over 90%. This means that from a 25mg THC edible, consumers successfully absorb approximately 22.5mg of THC content.
Beyond increasing the absorption rate of cannabinoids, researchers also concluded that nano-emulsion reduces the amount of time needed for absorption in the gut. The maximum blood concentration of cannabinoids was reached 3X faster with cannabis products infused with nano-emulsified cannabinoids than those without. 

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